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The Story of Frank Hill and the wonderful collection of PostCards depicting the life of a LightkeeperAs Told by Audrey Arthure, Frank's GranddaughterA Seafaring Family Francis Joseph Hill was born on 4th March 1878 at Ballydonegan, on the Beara…

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A Photographic Study of an original Brennan Torpedo. It is housed in the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent.

An account detailing news from:
America re: Presidency of the Fenian Brotherhood Union
Movement of Ships and Troops
The Ram Research on Daunt's Rock
Precautions in Cork Harbour
Roman Catholic Pastoral against Fenianism
Skully: "This is what it looked like when we went in for the first time :-) " A selection of photographs showing Fort Camden in its former glory, and as it looked in 2010 when Vince Farr, Skully and a team of volunteers, began the daunting task of…

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Date of Commencement
Date of Completion Oct 17th 1877
Estimated Cost
Actual Cost
Materials Blue Lias Lime Concrete, Portland Cement Concrete, & Brickwork

Executed by Contractor & Military Labour.

No. A 19


Date of W. O. (War Office) Authority Cork 5 /4541: 20th July 1889
--D o-- Commencement of Work 4th November 1889.
--D o-- Completion --- D o - 25th Feb 1893.

Estimated Cost £3,834.
Actual Cost £9,225.

Measured and Drawn by…
A Video from a dive on the Aud. The Video covers an area from the boiler to the Bow.
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