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Newspaper Article in the Golden Bay Argus depicting 55 year old Louis Brennan with his latest invention the gyroscopic Railway. Following on from the success of the Brennan Torpedo and in his role as Superintendent of the Brennan Torpedo Factory…

The torpedo as a weapon of practical utility first came prominently into notice during the American Civil War. They were in the form of casks and cases filled with gunpowder, and moored in such a position as to endanger any ship navigating in their…

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A wonderful article describing Mr. Louis Brennan, inventor of the highly secretive Brennan Torpedo.

We learn for the first time that he was a first sleight of hand conjurer.

The encyclopedia Britannica states: The knowledge of scientific…

An account of the re organisation of the Brennan Torpedo Factory. Louis Brennan steps down from his position of Superintendent of the Brennan Torpedo Factory to take up a new position as Adviser in Torpedo Work to both the War Office and Admiralty. …

An announcement printed in the Western People detailing the upcoming marriage of Mr Louis Brennan, Inventor of the Brennan Torpedo.
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