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Lt.Col. Jim Dawson Coast Artillery Commander.pdf
Sgt Wayne Fitzgerald, Editor of An Cosantóir interviewed a 92-year-old-veteran recently, Lt Col Jim Dawson who was the Coast Artillery Commander in the 1940s / 1950s on Spike Island with responsibility for the 6-inch guns batteries on Spike Island…
A Video from a dive on the Aud. The Video covers an area from the boiler to the Bow.

Newspaper article: Testing the efficiency of what the forts would be capable of in the event of an attack. Using the very latest Hi-Tec equipment of the day a display of Gun Fire prowess & pin point Torpedo accuracy was trialled in the company of…

British Troops leaving Fort Camden after an extended period of Training the Irish Troops in the use of the Fortification Guns and Equipment - 6 months approx. - after the handover of Fort Camden to the Irish Free State in 1938
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