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Digital Representation of the Brennan Torpedo Upper Level. Created from a 3D Scan, the Brennan Torpedo Installation fittings still remaining in Fort Camden, photographic record, and hand-drawn diagrams of the layout and workings of the Torpedo…

brennan re museum.pdf
A Photographic Study of an original Brennan Torpedo. It is housed in the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent.

Lt.Col. Jim Dawson Coast Artillery Commander.pdf
Sgt Wayne Fitzgerald, Editor of An Cosantóir interviewed a 92-year-old-veteran recently, Lt Col Jim Dawson who was the Coast Artillery Commander in the 1940s / 1950s on Spike Island with responsibility for the 6-inch guns batteries on Spike Island…

Did you know about the close links the Coast Guard and Fort Camden share? The Breeches Buoy Rocket cart!

Below is a link to the Irish Coast Guard Historic Society home page with kind permission from Vince Farr & Skully - the Intrepid…

Victoria Regina (V R) initials & crown etching on the Holding Cell wall within the Casemated Buildings. Queen Victoriaof the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland reigned from 20th June 1837 until the 1st May 1876. During this period Fort…

Public Notice: Call for tenders to supply Government Prisons with Food, Materials, Yarns, Shirting, Oil Lamps, Leather etc.
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