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Long Playing record of the Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers featuring National Anthems from around the world.


Director of Music: Capt. P. W. Parkes, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., p.s.m., R.E.

Review: Geoffrey Brand
Winsor McCay's "Sinking of the Lusitania" is probably the first animation ever made. Twenty-five thousand hand painted drawings had to be individually photographed to create it. It is also the very first cinematic account of the sinking of the…

Digital Representation of the Brennan Torpedo Upper Level. Created from a 3D Scan, the Brennan Torpedo Installation fittings still remaining in Fort Camden, photographic record, and hand-drawn diagrams of the layout and workings of the Torpedo…
Dr Fearghal McGarry from Queen's University Belfast discusses how Joseph Plunkett became involved with the 1916 Easter Rising.

To learn about the other signatories of the Proclamation, check out our playlist:…
Grace Gifford was the childhood sweetheart of Joseph Mary Plunkett, an Irish nationalist, republican, poet, journalist and a revolutionary leader of the 1916 Easter Rising. He was the youngest signatory of the Proclamation. He married Grace just…

The Story of Frank Hill and the wonderful collection of PostCards depicting the life of a LightkeeperAs Told by Audrey Arthure, Frank's GranddaughterA Seafaring Family Francis Joseph Hill was born on 4th March 1878 at Ballydonegan, on the Beara…
Training An Slua Muirí in Seamanship skills.

Lt.Cdr Miichael Murphy

The definite object proposed in this work is an examination of the general history of Europe and America with particular reference to the effect of sea power upon the course of that history. Historians generally have been unfamiliar with…
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