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brennan re museum.pdf
A Photographic Study of an original Brennan Torpedo. It is housed in the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham, Kent.

The torpedo as a weapon of practical utility first came prominently into notice during the American Civil War. They were in the form of casks and cases filled with gunpowder, and moored in such a position as to endanger any ship navigating in their…


Date of W. O. (War Office) Authority Cork 5 /4541: 20th July 1889
--D o-- Commencement of Work 4th November 1889.
--D o-- Completion --- D o - 25th Feb 1893.

Estimated Cost £3,834.
Actual Cost £9,225.

Measured and Drawn by…

TKS.1889.09.21 Notes_and_News.pdf
A wonderful article describing Mr. Louis Brennan, inventor of the highly secretive Brennan Torpedo.

We learn for the first time that he was a first sleight of hand conjurer.

The encyclopedia Britannica states: The knowledge of scientific…

An announcement printed in the Western People detailing the upcoming marriage of Mr Louis Brennan, Inventor of the Brennan Torpedo.
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