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Date of W. O. (War Office) Authority Cork 5 /4541: 20th July 1889
--D o-- Commencement of Work 4th November 1889.
--D o-- Completion --- D o - 25th Feb 1893.

Estimated Cost £3,834.
Actual Cost £9,225.

Measured and Drawn by…

Alexander joined the Royal Engineers 25th July 1890 following in the footsteps of his Father William Cockburn who joined on the 13th Feb 1879. Initially stationed in Stirling, Scotland his career in the 33rd Coy. R. E. brought him to Fort Camden.…

1894.02.26_IDI_new naval program.pdf
A newspaper article detailing the merits of a case for British Government Expenditure on strengthening the defences of Cork Harbour to protect Southern Ireland, the South West Coast of England and Wales. Signed Mr. Gillycuddy

At Carrigtwohill, 10 miles from Cork, a large and representative meeting was held today for the purpose of advocating the immediate release of the political prisoners.

A list of the various Regiments, Brigades, Divisions and Company's stationed at Fort Camden.
Note: 33rd Coy. Royal Engineers stationed in Fort Camden from 1855 to 1938. Ref: Inscription on Bible presented to Fort Camden by the 33rd Coy. Royal…
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