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Training An Slua Muirí in Seamanship skills.

Lt.Cdr Miichael Murphy

Lt.Col. Jim Dawson Coast Artillery Commander.pdf
Sgt Wayne Fitzgerald, Editor of An Cosantóir interviewed a 92-year-old-veteran recently, Lt Col Jim Dawson who was the Coast Artillery Commander in the 1940s / 1950s on Spike Island with responsibility for the 6-inch guns batteries on Spike Island…

Did you know about the close links the Coast Guard and Fort Camden share? The Breeches Buoy Rocket cart!

Below is a link to the Irish Coast Guard Historic Society home page with kind permission from Vince Farr & Skully - the Intrepid…

Ray Maries Hero Of The Deep.pdf
Newspaper article detailing the heroics of Ray Maries. He was part of the elite naval diving team, Port Clearance, whose job it was to clear unexploded sea mines.
Included in the Ceremony are the following Defence Personnel: Commodore Maloney who presents the commission, Lt. Cdr Gerry DeRenzy who administers the oat,Lt. Dom Terry (Cork) who removes the cover from the uniform,CPO Dick Larkin who gives the…

A Cork Tailor's Ledger. Listing clothing sales and repairs for many well known city institutions and individuals including Military Defence Personnel and the Police Training School India.

A wonderful look at fashionable attire and shopping…
A hand written Instructors Military Training Manual detailing the Quick Firing 18 Pdr. Gun Mark 4 & 5 Particulars. Contains beautiful hand drawn colour illustrations.

In the background you can see another Instructors Training Manual for the…

Training Breach for learning how to load the cannons

2 X An Slua Muiri Defence Personnel on annual training at Dún Uí Meacair.

Newspaper article: Testing the efficiency of what the forts would be capable of in the event of an attack. Using the very latest Hi-Tec equipment of the day a display of Gun Fire prowess & pin point Torpedo accuracy was trialled in the company of…
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