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Winsor McCay's "Sinking of the Lusitania" is probably the first animation ever made. Twenty-five thousand hand painted drawings had to be individually photographed to create it. It is also the very first cinematic account of the sinking of the…
Story of the development of the modern submarine with a background on John Phillip Holland, developer of the first submarine purchased by the U.S. Navy.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military,…
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Digital Representation of the Brennan Torpedo Exterior Return Rails detailing typical method of operation. Created from a 3D Scan, the Brennan Torpedo Installation fittings still remaining in Fort Camden and hand-drawn diagrams of the layout and…

Van Nostrand's engineering magazine.pdf
Van Nostrand's engineering magazine details a number of experiments including the Brennan Torpedo, Submarine mining & "Resistance Tube" Torpedo experiments. Extract ....óiste_p146.png
January 5th. A sensational bit of news in the papers!

The "Evening Echo" states that the inhab1tants of Crosshaven and district were disturbed on Sunday night (3rd) by practice firing of big guns from Fort Carlisle, at the entrance to the Harbour,…

Digital Representation of the Torpedo Store Slipway 2 and Return Tramway. Created from a 3D Scan, the Brennan Torpedo Installation fittings still remaining in Fort Camden, photographic record and hand-drawn diagrams of the layout and workings of the…

1894.02.26_IDI_new naval program.pdf
A newspaper article detailing the merits of a case for British Government Expenditure on strengthening the defences of Cork Harbour to protect Southern Ireland, the South West Coast of England and Wales. Signed Mr. Gillycuddy
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