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An account of the Flying Squadron's arrival in Cork Harbour. The Steamers - torpedo boats - travelling at up to 37 knots per hour. The War Ships navigating the stretch between Fort Camden & Fort Carlisle. Technical information relating to the…

A mixture of Newspaper articles printed on a single page within the Freeman Journal March 18, 1846.

A letter from a 17 year old Irish Soldier to his Uncle describing life within the Nullagh camp Jan 2nd 1846, and the ensuing battles.


Series: Ireland South Coast, Map of Cork Harbour 1843
Note: Fort Camden New Pier marked in Red ink. Direction Arrow marked in Pencil shows Torpedo Slipway. Arc drawn in pencil shows range covered.
Shipping lanes marked.

1894.02.26_IDI_new naval program.pdf
A newspaper article detailing the merits of a case for British Government Expenditure on strengthening the defences of Cork Harbour to protect Southern Ireland, the South West Coast of England and Wales. Signed Mr. Gillycuddy

1876.11.20_CE_Guns Camden.pdf
A report on the Harbour Fortifications detailing the works, armaments and gun cotton distribution between the forts. Mounting of Guns in Carlisle bringing it to completion. Camden Fort Torpedo Batteries almost fully functional. On completion…

Survey of the Harbour of Cork from the entrance to Haulbowline islands showing the ranges of the Batteries constructed for defensive purposes in 1779 to 1781 .
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