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Long Playing record of the Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers featuring National Anthems from around the world.


Director of Music: Capt. P. W. Parkes, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., p.s.m., R.E.

Review: Geoffrey Brand

1938.06.22.EH.ET_Farewell Dances at Eire Ports.pdf
Newspaper article detailing Farewell Dances taking place at Fort Camden, Fort Carlisle, Fort Templebreedy and Spike Island, the Cork Harbour Forts which, under the Anglo-Irish Agreement, are being evacuated by their British garrisons and are to be…

A newspaper clipping: Sword a 'symbol of city's history and courage' Gilbert Lee Meagher the Great-Great Grandson of Thomas Francis Meagher is to present Thomas' battle sword to Waterford city council

Picture Postcard of Crosshaven, Co. Cork
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