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Training An Slua Muirí in Seamanship skills.

Lt.Cdr Miichael Murphy

It was during the 1960's and pre 1963, Donal was in An FCÁ, .
"I was stationed in Fort Camden for annual training with the FCA. I was from Cork but there were fellas here from the Dublin, Waterford and Limerick units. Along with that the Slua…
Macha leaves harbour for patrol. Aboard ship gun crews given the laert at their guns. Cleaning the ship. Radar working. The corvette returns to port. Navigator plots course. Guns alerted. Corvette overhauls fishing trawler for investigation. Corvette…
Included in the Ceremony are the following Defence Personnel: Commodore Maloney who presents the commission, Lt. Cdr Gerry DeRenzy who administers the oat,Lt. Dom Terry (Cork) who removes the cover from the uniform,CPO Dick Larkin who gives the…

An Slua Muirí manoeuvring the Whaler using the Davits and block and tackle lifting equipment.

Andy Mac Sharry Vice President, Irish Naval Association:

"I served in the An Slua Muirí (Irish Naval Reserve at the time) Limerick Company No.05…
During the 1950's CS (Company Sergeant) Thomas McMullan built an aviary at the back of his home in Fort Camden. He bred a number of different species of birds such as Parrots, Sparrows, Finches, Canaries, Budgies etc. He was very successful in his…

2 X An Slua Muiri Defence Personnel on annual training at Dún Uí Meacair.

Photo of 3 An Slua Muirí / Naval Defence Personnel standing in front of Launches Pier Fort Camden.
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